Night of the Turtle

One night this week we had a representative from the Conservation
Society come to check on a turtle nest a villager had discovered on
the beach in John Obey. Sierra Leone has green, hawsbill, olive
Ridley, leatherback, and loggerhead turtles and may have 2 other
species in its water as well. They confirmed it was a green turtle
nest by counting the plates on the shell of a hatchling turtle.  That
night the turtles were given a little help to crawl out of the nest,
and at least 1 made it to the sea. The others were most likely eaten
by crabs, as egg shells were in the nest but turtles were not. We all
took a moment on the beach at midnight to reflect on the beauty and
sadness of that moment with only one confirmed making it to the sea,
but the mood turned hopeful for the second nest that is on our beach,
and has been there 30 days. We’ve heard the turtles should hatch
between 40-60 days, we’re all hoping it’s before we leave.


Thanks to Meredith for this great photo!

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