Side trip to Bonthe

On Thursday the fishing village caught some big fish – a stingray that
was probably 4 feet long and wide and a fish they call Spanish that
weighed more than 50 lbs. After seeing these fish I started traveling
South to Bonthe Island to work with the Environmental Justice
Foundation (EJF) for several days. I tagged along with our shopping
crew on their truck ride to Waterloo market then hopped into the EJF
4×4 and we drove to Yaboi. It was some rough road that was flooded in
parts, as the wet season has just ended. It was an adventure and a
great way to see the country. We then hopped into EJF’s brand new
patrol boat to cross over to Bonthe Island. It was an entire day of
travel, but it’s a nice change of pace here in Bonthe. Later today I’m
heading out to York Island to observe their fish catches and see how
we can bring some logbook and community science to this region, to
help inform the marine protected areas that are going into place. I
went to the fish market this morning in Bonthe and was happy to see
the same fish as those in John Obey, as I’ve learned almost 50 local
fish names now and those will hold true here as well.

freetown/bonthe island

Photo by Google Maps

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