Sierra Leone – learn more & get involved!

I gave a talk on the nation of Sierra Leone this week – stories of pirate fishing, fishing communities and the groups trying to improve the marine sustainability of the area. I told folks I’d post ways to learn more & get involved – so here’s an ever-growing list!

First Catch of Barracuda


- A long way gone – Ishmeal Beah
- The Memory of Love and others by Aminatta Forna
- Brandt Travel Guide to Sierra Leone

Nearfar – ethical and fair trade fashion from Sierra Leone. I have some bags from this line, they are beautiful!

Environmental Justice Foundation - is a registered charity established in 2000 to empower people who suffer most from environmental abuses to find peaceful ways of preventing them. They help communities patrol local waters for illegal fishing activity. They helped me greatly in my research in the area, can’t say enough good things about them!

Orphund - a volunteer based organisation helping abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children around the world, regardless of race or religion. I’ve sponsored a child in Sierra Leone and they were incredibly responsive. Friends have volunteered on the projects and speak highly of their work.

Craig Bellamy Foundation – is a charity that offers children in Sierra Leone the chance to achieve their potential through sport and education. They do this by running a football academy and a unique youth football league. A friend of mine, Johnny, is running a marathon to raise money for the CBF right now! I’ve visited the academy – it’s an amazing environment for those children to become great athletes, scholars, and leaders.

Tribewanted - their mission is to build sustainable communities in amazing places that benefit locals and visiting members; inspiring positive change within and far beyond the village. I’ve spent several months of my life at Tribewanted, it’s a second home. Don’t hesitate – visit now!

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary - the overall aim of the SL Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Programme is to provide a safe home for orphaned & endangered chimpanzees.

The Collective Sierra Leone - They are a not-for-profit organisation placing and supporting talented and enthusiastic volunteers in challenging projects around Sierra Leone. They partner with development organisations in Sierra Leone who provide us with projects that require the expertise and enthusiasm of skilled volunteers.