Elephant Seal Photography Workshop, Part 1

A fantastic gift from my father for Christmas was a photography workshop in San Simeon. Here’s part 1 of 2 of some photos that resulted from the fun workshop. Great to meet so many environmental enthusiasts & excellent instruction by Jason Bradley Photography.

Male elephant seal – king of the beach.

Elephant seal rookery at sunsetSunset over the rookery.

Mom & pup love.

Elephant Seal FemaleAn inquisitive female.

Elephant Seal FlippersContent.

Elephant Seal SleepingEnjoying the last of the sunlight.

Elephant seal pup face & flipperOnce these pups get big they are known as “super-weaners.” Yes, that’s the technical term :)

elephant seal and seagullSeal & seagull making the most of the waning daylight.

mother elephant seals fightingMothers battling for beach space.

Females barking at a maleFemales of the harem barking at the male.


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