Curriculum Vitae


Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Moss Landing, CA  (through CSUMB)
M.Sc. Marine Science (Ichthyology), 2010  GPA: 4.0

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL      B.Sc. Marine Biology, 2005

Selected Employment Experience

2011-2012     PADI Foundation Grantee           
Obtained grant funding, organized and led a research expedition in rural Sierra Leone. Designed sampling protocols, trained locals in methodology, and collected data on over 5,000 individual fishes. Narrated five-minute public outreach video summarizing research (

2008-Present         Project Director, FishWise, Santa Cruz, CA
Supervises a team of three staff while leading Fortune 500 Companies’ Responsible Seafood Programs. Conducts organization’s seafood traceability work and collaborates with partner NGOs on fishery and aquaculture improvements. Holds meetings with seafood companies and stakeholders to identify environmental concerns and implement best practices. Promoted to Project Director (2012) after time as Asst. Operations Director (2010-1012) and Program Manager (2008-2010). Previous responsibilities included: assisting with website development, managing hiring, invoicing clients, and developing program and educational materials.

Aug-Dec 2008     Teaching Assistant, Population Biology Class, MLML, Moss Landing, CA
Created ‘laboratory’ exercises to teach population biology lessons using various programs and software, lectured to students, assigned and graded homework and organized field trips.

2007-2009 Research Assistant, Pacific Shark Research Center, MLML, Moss Landing, CA
Conducted research at sea in AK, WA, OR, and CA, sampling fishes and elasmobranchs. Responsible for organizing field sampling and personnel, coordinating with government staff and fishermen. Conducted gut content analysis and stable isotope analysis in the laboratory setting. Dissected and catalogued elasmobranch species. Wrote grants and reported to funders.

2004-2006         Regulatory Scientist, Water Resources Department, Palm Bay, FL
Began as an intern and moved into a full-time salaried position in 2006. Evaluated building permit applications for wetland impacts, assessed wetlands in the field, analyzed impacts using GIS and evaluated the success of monitoring and mitigation projects. Significant experience in reviewing blueprints for shoreline protection and mangrove mitigation planting. Summarized projects for litigation cases.


Shiffman, D. S., A.J. Gallagher, M.D. Boyle, C.M. Hammerschlag-Peyer, and N. Hammerschlag. 2012. Stable isotope analysis as a tool for elasmobranch conservation research: a primer for non-specialists. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Boyle, M.D. May 2012. Without a Trace: A Summary of Traceability Efforts in the Seafood Industry. FishWise.

Boyle, M.D., D.A. Ebert, and G.M. Cailliet. 2012. Stable isotope analysis of a deep-sea benthic fish assemblage: evidence of an enriched benthic food web. Environmental Biology of Fishes. DOI: 10.1111/j.1095-8649.2012.03243.

Boyle, M.D. 2010. Trophic relationships of Bathraja trachura and sympatric fishes. M.S. Thesis, CSUMB.

Ebert, D.A., J.J. Bizzarro, S.C. Brown, M.D. Boyle, and G.M. Cailliet. 2008. Diet and trophic ecology of skates in the Gulf of Alaska (Raja and Bathyraja spp.): ecological information for ecosystem-based management of demersal resources. North Pacific Research Board Final Report.

International Experience

  • Countries of Work/Research Experience: USA, Sierra Leone, Fiji, Thailand, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada
  • Other Countries Visited: Palau, Cayman Is, Bonaire, Mexico, Costa Rica
  • Languages: Spanish (basic)

Field Experience

  • Organized, funded and conducted month-long research expedition in Sierra Leone
  • Participated in a six week long field study program in Australia
  • Worked for 29 days at sea with the National Marine Fisheries Service Groundfish Survey
  • Participated in a seven day tanner crab survey with Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
  • Participated in over a half dozen one-day research cruises and a ten day cruise in Monterey Bay
  • Logged over 80 recreational dives in many locales
  • Volunteered hundreds of hours helping two eco-tourism communities in Fiji and Sierra Leone improve understanding and protection of local reefs and fishes
  • Attended numerous sustainable seafood summits, conferences, and shows

Training & Skills

  • Completed several Harvard Business Review online modules, ‘Science Communications: Engaging with the Media Workshop’ and negotiation training
  • Experienced with Adobe Creative Suite, Joomla, WordPress, Filemaker, Access, GIS, Microsoft Office, SPSS, Systat; basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom, R, Matlab
  • CPR, First Aid, Sea Safety training
  • Experience living and working in remote villages and at sea on small vessels

Scientific Presentations & Public Speaking Engagements

  • World Fisheries Congress, IUU Panelist, 2012
  • Friends of MLML Community Science Lecture Series, 2012
  • Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions Annual Mtg, 2011
  • Western Groundfish Society, 2010
  • American Elasmobranch Society, 2009

Grants and Awards

Signe Lundstrom Scholarship, Packard Student Grant, Dr. Earl H. Myers and Ethel M. Myers Oceanographic and Marine Biology Trust Award, Seaspace Adventure Sports and Travel Expo Award, PADI Foundation Grants (2011 & 2008), International Women’s Fishing Association Scholarship, Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research, Xiphias Scholarship, and Yukon & Clemence Chow Scholarship.

A sincere thank you to the above funders. I would not be the scientist I am today without your support.